Injector Clean

Fortron Engine clean

The Injector Max system cleans and restores original fuel flow, allowing maximum fuel efficiency.

Is your car sluggish?


Is your car lacking power?


Is your car not accelerating as quickly as it should?


Is your fuel efficiency poor?

Fortring Injector Clean

Will help with all these issues


Fortron Features

  • Robust and reliable workshop quality machine

  • Air operated and simple to use

  • Universal fitting kit

  • Suitable for petrol and diesel engines

  • Fluids premixed and ready to use

  • Suitable for high pressure and common rail diesel engines

  • Throttle body and upper cylinder cleaning capability

After Service Benefits

  • Cleans DPF filters on vehicles

  • Reduces exhaust emissions

  • Improves fuel economy and engine performance

  • A smoother and more responsive acceleration

  • Removes carbon deposits

  • Removes gums, varnish and resin from engine intake system

  • Cleans injectors